Saturday, January 21, 2012

Floating Shelves

Our living room needs some decor. It's beautiful, but plain. Since Daniel and I are new to home ownership, we don't know much about decorating. I decided to trust the Rule of Thirds for the long wall and knew I wanted floating shelves in my last third.

Scouring the internet brings up options from $20-$200. But here in Ruraltown, USA, the nearest IKEA is three hours away, and I want something a little better quality than the blue store's finest without spending a fortune. So the project got put off. Maybe when we have more in the budget.

Cue my discovery of Ana White, HomeMaker: she has actually built a house. With her husband. They built their house together. She knows how to build floating shelves! And she does it with super cheap cuts of wood! And my husband loves woodworking so he can teach me! I pretty much ran into the trifecta of project get-up-and-go. I went to the lumber store and had them cut all my pieces for me. What gentlemen! Then I got home, measured the cuts with Daniel, and we re-cut every piece. So much for saving time on the saws! Together, we sawed, glued, screwed, nailed, puttied, and sanded.

Gideon even got to help!

But he's easily distracted.

The fully assembled setup, ready to paint and install.

We'll screw the frames into the wall then slide our box-shaped covers right over them. I'm sanding and putting the final coat of paint on today, then Daniel will help me install them tonight. Pictures soon!

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