Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Face!

We're in the process of slowly redoing our whole house, it feels like. Adding a shelf here and there, painting this wall and that; the work will probably never be done (at least not with the current home improvement budget!).

One of the projects I am really proud of is our front door. When we moved in, the door was a rusty brown color, complete with dents and scratches--complements of the years of life the door has seen.

 I contemplated replacing the whole shebang with a brand new door set, (hah!) but the price of a new entry door and window ensemble would about equal what we have spent on home improvements in the last year. My solution: paint it!

I love daring doors. I have always had a soft spot for glossy red and funky purple doors. My husband, though, will have none of that on his front door. The next best thing? Black, for sure. I told the husband, then forgot about it for awhile while we demolished the jungle that was our entire yard:

Then one day after the yard had been barren for a while, the itch got too much to bare. I had to get rid of that awful door color! So off to the paint store I went. While I was there, I called the husband at work to confirm: "Honey, you remember how I mentioned wanting to paint the front door black? Well I'm at the paint store. Did we want eggshell or semigloss?"

"Um, you want to paint the door? Black?" Whoops. Should've communicated better on that one. "...sure, I guess. Probably eggshell is best. It's an old door."

And so I gleefully told the paint man to give me a quart of his blackest black. After a morning spent sanding, (in the freezing cold! why didn't I get to this in late August or mid-Septemberish?) we carefully filled, sanded some more, then finally painted that old door.

Me, 7 or 8 months along with Gideon
The result is phenomenal!

Those windows will get a makeover someday.

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