Monday, December 17, 2012

Three-ish Christmas Movies You'll Love

Friend, do you have some extra time this weekend? Might I steer you in the direction of some great flicks that are sure to warm your heart? I promise not to lead you astray. I love movies and I love Christmas, so you'd think that I would love all Christmas movies, wouldn't you? Not so, dear friend. Not at all.

Last year, Daniel and I borrowed a stack of Christmas-themed movies from a friend, hoping to love them, rooting for them all the way, but ending up bitterly disappointed. (As an aside, Why, Michael Shank, did you agree to that Thomas Kinkade disaster of a script? Why?!) In order to save you from a similar fate, I've put together a list of movies that I have loved. This isn't all-inclusive, but it's a fabulous start.

1. It's a Wonderful Life

Starring the ever-handsome James Stewart, this movie will touch even the coldest of hearts. George Bailey (Stewart) faces both despair and happiness over his young life, but this startling look at "What if?" brings it all into perspective. Daniel and I watch this every year.

2. Miracle on 34th Street (1947 or 1994 version)

Both movies have strengths and weaknesses, but each one is a great film on its own. Daniel and I agree, the newer movie's Mom character is quite mean, but it's a little more relatable in other aspects, simply because I'm more comfortable with 90s culture. The 1994 version also keeps Mr. Kringle a little bit more magical, not telling the viewer that he lives in a home for the elderly. Either one gets my seal of approval.

No picture available for this Netflix Streaming link, but I don't want that to discourage you. We just discovered this movie this year, and were pleasantly surprised at how great of a show it is. It's one of those movies that repeats a day over and over until the protagonist gets it right, so you'd think it would be tired and dull, but Daniel (who is one tough nut to crack) laughed out loud several times at the witty script. The romance was fresh, even twelve times over, and the dynamic leading lady was believable and funny on her Christmas Eve that will never end!

Don't hesitate to watch these. You won't regret it.

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