Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fabulous music you might just love

When I was a teenager, I introduced my mom to one of my favorite groups at the time, Coldplay. I loved (and still love) the cool melodies and distant feel they infused into their music, and I knew my mom would love it, too. Thirty seconds into the first song, she looked at me and asked, "So when is it going to pick up?" I frowned. Pick up? This is it! This is Coldplay! "How do you dance to this?" She continued. I was flabbergasted. It hadn't ever occurred to me to dance to Coldplay.

"Mom, this is listening music. Not dance music. Who dances to Coldplay?" [insert long-suffering teenage eyebrows here] And I was crushed. Not only did she not enjoy my music, my people, she thought it was less than her Marvin Gaye, her Beach Boys, and whatever else she "shook it" to in college.

Since then, I have only fallen more in love with listening music. The dance music of my generation is a little bump-and-grind-y for my taste, so I am left with cool, chill tones like Agnes Obel (whom I just discovered and I love dearly):

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