Friday, January 11, 2013

Project 365: Day 11 Good News and Bad News

We awoke with a start. The baby was wimpering, the garbage truck was rumbling. The projection clock said it was 7:06. "We forgot to take the garbage out!" Daniel said, springing into action. I grumpily laid in bed, waiting for Daniel to get Gideon. I saw Gideon plenty last night, and had no intention of seeing him again until at least 8.

But a few minutes later, the screaming was getting pretty intense. Gideon didn't want to eat, didn't want to be held, didn't want to be put down. So Daniel brought him to me to nurse. Lovely.

Fast forward to 9:30: Gideon and I are ready to roll. We gathered up the supplies for our errand, got buckled in, reversed, then, BANG! rumblerumble... I saw the garbage can go down in my side-view mirror, and something red shattered with it. Upon getting out, I identified the something red as my tail light cover. Great, I thought. I'll have to replace that today. I got some masking tape to hold the shards in. No dice. That stuff wasn't made for plastic, I guess. Electrical tape worked better. Then I was off to the auto parts store to get that cover replacement. But oh, what a naive, unknowing girl I am. It could never be that easy!

The guy at the counter looked it up for me and said I might have to replace the whole light assembly. I sighed, preparing for the worst. "Yep," he said, "You can't replace just the cover. The whole thing is two-forty-four-oh-eight."
I did a double-take. "Two hundred and forty-four dollars?" Oh, yes. He very sweetly recommended I try some junkyards to find it cheaper. Thank you.

So, the good news: the garbage ended up getting taken. I also got a 3.5 hour nap after the trip into town. The bad news? I think you can guess.

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