Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Project 365: Day 16 A Memorial

After five years with my Jettamobile, it's time to say goodbye. We listed her on Craigslist yesterday and I've been fielding inquiries all day today and yesterday. She was my first car, the perfect car for what I needed. CD, AC (for a while), manual, no bulky box in the console between the front seats, and zippy. She saw me through every boyfriend, every roommate, through trips all over the West.

She and my tired right foot spent days cruising the barren Nevada desert together, learned how to "Left Turn Yield on Green" (Provo style), and everything in between. I've napped in her back seat, shaded by the ultra-dark window tinting; listened to angry music, happy music, and hours of Armstrong and Getty on sunless Seminary mornings. She's been my constant since I moved out on my own, her VW ticking getting lost in her gravelly purr.

I'll never forget the day I bought her; I had a wad of 21 hundred dollar bills and felt rich. Or the chilly morning we discovered her faulty battery connection at six in the morning (I'll give you a hint: the horn goes off when the battery is messed with). Figuring out so many new towns together, hoping none of the pedestrians noticed her sticking on the way into 2nd gear. It was me and her, always.

Yes, she's been grand for me. I kid myself and hope that someone else will love her like I have. I doubt it.

But we had a good run. I'll miss her.

PS: If you are interested, we're asking $800 firm.

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