Saturday, January 5, 2013

Project 365: Day 5 Finally!

This morning, we were supposed to go sledding, but Gideon was awfully unhappy. He got upset at something, then, in a tantrum, threw himself on his back, landing his head on my 4 lb weights next to the couch. He was fine, but the day went downhill from there. Every time I tried to call my SIL to tell her we couldn't make it, he was angry again and he's quite loud when he's angry.

So, I dosed him with Tylenol (are his teeth hurting? Is this just a phase? Nothing seems to be wrong besides everything in the whole wide world, according to Mr. Grumpy McGrumpypants.), nursed him extra, and prayed for this moment.


  1. Why is Daniel sleeping in the crib? I'm pretty sure that there is a picture from 25 yrs ago that looks exactly like that... same person in it and everything. - Toby



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