Monday, February 4, 2013

Canadians; Parenting; Christians

Today was a fun day. I got to meet a man from Toronto, who had the most perfect Canadian accent you've ever heard! It was a delight to hear the differences between our Englishes: almost the same, but just different enough to occasionally jar you.


We're working on weaning Gideon, who adores nursing, and it's a little bit rough. Tonight, after putting him down for the night, I remarked to Daniel, "Sometimes, parenting is fun..." And, after a brief pause, "But sometimes, it makes you want to stab your eyes out."

"Why would you want to stab your eyes out?" He replied, "Then you would just be blind. Wouldn't it be better to stab something else, instead? He is cute to look at."

Yes, I suppose he has a point.


Today, while we were at the print shop, they had the radio on a Christian station. Now, I don't mind Christian music. It's generally fine stuff, just not my cup of tea. The station had a contest where you had to be caller number such-and-such, then finish the lyrics to a song fragment. The caller who finished the lyrics won tickets for a cruise, and said something to the effect of, "Oh, that's so awesome! Thank you, Jesus!" And I laughed out loud in the otherwise quiet print shop. 

Then I had to cover my faux pas by telling Gid, "You're so funny!" Whoops.

I tend to believe that God is more of a hands-off sorta guy. I think that Jesus doesn't usually care if you go on a cruise or win your sporting event. So the idea that Jesus had something to do with this woman winning was laughable to me. She didn't even thank the people at the station, like they had nothing to do with it.

Except, notice I said "usually"? I shouldn't have laughed, just because it's rude. But maybe the Lord wanted this woman to go on this cool Christian cruise for some reason. Who am I to judge the mind of God? Bethany is suitably chastened. 

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