Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Shoes

I just got new shoes. And I love them. And I love that they were only $30 at Costco. Because I'm a $30 at Costco kind of girl, when it comes to walking-around shoes. But, as I thought about posting their picture on my blog, I had a teensy second thought: what if someone high class sees these? Specifically, what if someone in particular whom I know IRL (and whom I would never name in public) saw these?

I have been told by this person that JC Penney is a "ghetto" store. Now, I'm not low class (socio-economically speaking), but I'm okay with second hand clothes and I shop at JC Penney (sometimes. I actually don't really match them in style.) But I'm okay with Penney's on a philosophical level. And when I hear this person say things like how low class JCP is, I think, Gosh, what must you think of me? Because I own shoes like are pictured in that other post. Because I'm excited about $30 shoes.

I have a hard time feeling like a person from that perspective would truly respect me without pity, that they would be looking at me like some sort of "noble savage". Which is a problem, because I interact with this person with some regularity.

I know, caring what other people think is for sissies. I'll freely admit that I'm a sissy, then.

Just take this post as a disclaimer on my previous post: I am aware that my clothing choices are inexpensive, and I have chosen that freely. Someday, when we're rich, I will shop only at Banana Republic. Until then, I am SO PUMPED about my newest purchase.


  1. Girlie, that same person is probably the same person that shops for pennies on the dollah...never be ashamed:)

  2. *mouth dropped open in shock* Disparaging remark, snarky criticism, disdainful eye roll. That is all I have to say regarding anyone who hasn't found joy in beating the system while saving yourself money!



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