Sunday, February 10, 2013


Daniel and his parents had a conference in the big city last week. Since Gid and I are pretty portable, we joined them in the hotel and got to spend boring conference time with my aunt and uncle. We had a blast exploring Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. I (like a foolish fool) didn't think I would have many opportunities to take pictures, so I left my camera at home. I'm still kicking myself for a few awesome photo ops that I missed.

At the top
Here, instead, are some pictures my aunt sent to me of our trip on the sky tram to OHSU. The ride up was $4 and the ride down was free. If you have thirty extra minutes in Portland, I highly recommend it. I love the short views we got of peoples' back yards and roofs. I think it's so fascinating to see what's going on in the homes of these strangers. In one home, I was able to tell that they had pillar candles on a little table in front of their front window.

Is that creepy?

Straight down
Mid way up
View from the top

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