Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Day that Project 365 Died

I can't do it. The Universe has conspired with my husband and has left me unable to complete my New Year's resolution to post a photo every day. But that sounds dramatic. Let me back up.

Daniel is busy. All the time. He works on work stuff for many hours a week, tweaking, planning, and drawing up tweaked plans for this project he's working on. He also works on church stuff for just as much time every week, going over lists, mission statements, assignments, and all sorts of stuff. (For those who care, he was just called as the Elders' Quorum President a few weeks ago. It is quite the load of extra stuff to do.)

Most, if not all, of this homework is completed on the computer. The same computer that holds all my photos, my Photoshop, and which also has a full-sized keyboard and mouse touchpad. I take photos almost every day, but the little time I spend on the computer (which is a laptop, and therefore portable, and therefore used for work, at work, where I am not) is simply not enough time to keep up with a daily posting habit.

So, I admit defeat. I cannot post a picture every day. But, my dear readers, fear not! for I will not give up on blogging altogether. I am announcing my intentions to scrap this 365 project. It got me started on my blog, and that is enough. Please enjoy some pictures I've taken but not posted:
Not really getting the point, yet.

"Walks." Hah! More like, "Let's see if we can break and enter!"


  1. I've always thought the photo a day thing would be super hard for me to do, too. I'm hard pressed to keep up with one a week. And it's not failure, it's reassessment and realignment of goals with realities of life. AKA appropriate adjustment.

    BTW, I love seeing you and Gid in pictures! Keep it up, even if it's not one a day.

  2. I agree with The Highlands Mathis. I enjoy the pictures! You inspire me to start to learn how to blog -- since I guess I have one, and should post my travelogues...



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